Parents: never miss another important date again

Lifemin automatically updates your calendar with all the important school dates and mission-critical reminders, to give you more of what every busy parent wants - more time, and peace of mind.

Automatic updates with term dates and critical not-to-missed events straight from the school newsletter to your calendar - no more tedious manual calendar entries

Intelligent, well-timed reminders for things like costumes for World Book Day or school performances or kit for Sports Day

Our School Calendars

We currently serve these schools in the SW London areas. Our Basic Calendar service updates your calendar with term dates; our Premium Calendar service keeps your calendar updated with important dates and reminders in the school newsletters and notices on an ongoing basis. If you don't see your school, sign up and enter your school name. You'll be notified when it's added to our systems. 

What is Lifemin?

Lifemin = Life + Admin


Lifemin will help you stay on top of all the important dates and to-do's related to your child - from school term dates to reminders to sort childcare for school breaks. Lifemin keeps your personal calendar up to date with the steady stream of dates, tasks and reminders coming directly from your child's school, or indirectly dictated by school term dates - think holiday childcare and activities, or planning family holidays. 

What people say about us

It’s brilliant. Imported the dates within seconds. Thank you!

- Belleville School mother

Thank you so much for this 🙏 it’s amazing!!!

- Honeywell School mother

Great work! Thanks! Now I have everything in my Google Calendar :-)

- Belleville School father

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