Lifemin, the Parent Calendar Assistant

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The mental load of parenting is vast and relentless - to-do's and deadlines coming from all directions.


Lifemin brings order to the chaos by automatically updating parents' calendar with important dates and reminders from schools and activities, to help them stay on top of it all, in one place

Automatic updates to your calendar with dates and to-do's from school and extracurricular communications - no more staying on top of emails and newsletters or tedious manual calendar entries. Lifemin does it for you!

Intelligent, well-timed reminders for to-do's requiring prep and planning - things like costumes, booking camps or kit for Sports Day. No more last minute scrambling.

What our customers say about us

OMG!!! Absolutely L❤️VE this! I’m getting alerts thick and fast. Best thing EVER!! Even better than reps’ reminders. I’ll never forget another school thing again! Thank you!          🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 

- Honeywell School parent

As a busy mum, I have come to rely on my Lifemin updates and reminders. It just cuts through so many of the overwhelming emails we receive, telling me what I need to know and when - I didn't realise how much I needed it, but now I couldn't go back.

- Thomas's Clapham parent

I really LOVE the calendar updates and reminders. It's such a lifesaver and saving so much time. 

- Honeywell School parent

Thousands of hours saved for hundreds of parents...and counting