The Three Stages of Parenting

My kids are of an age now, I have learned the hard way, that they need to be consulted and involved in planning things. Long gone are the days when their dad and I could unilaterally decide what they would do, when and with who. 


So before the Easter break I sat them down and explained that since we would be staying in London, and since they resist camps that don't involve a friend as if they were the cruellest injustice, they needed to plan their break out so that they were occupied and wouldn’t expect entertainment from their parents, who would be working. 


I gave each of them one of these crude schedules that would need to be filled out. 





They ended up partially populated, and where there wasn’t an activity, I relied on Bubble, the babysitting app, for a last-minute babysitter, which ended up working perfectly. (Bubble=highly recommended!) And I actually was able to work without too much interruption.


I’d also asked them what they wanted to do for fun and we ended up going to Flip Out After Dark and glamping - both successful, the former more for the kids than the parents, who are a little too rickety to be able to fully enjoy (but we did get some bouncing in). We majorly lucked out with the weather for glamping (at Featherdown in Shropshire), and the kids absolutely loved exploring, alternating paddling around in the lake and getting in the hot tub, gathering sticks (yes, still) and lighting matches and building fires.