SW/W London Christmas 2022 Camps

Christmas is upon us, and with it, days and days of no school...meaning we need to think about how to keep those kids occupied! Here's a round-up of camps available before and after Christmas - including some between Christmas and New Years:


NO STAR=Before Christmas

* = After Christmas before New Years

** = Early January


All Star Tennis

Will to Win Tennis

Julian Cousins Tennis*

Open Air Fit Multisport

Youngstars Multisport Full day! 

Sports Society Football

Fit4Kids Football

Let's Play Netball

Spencer Netball

Wayfarers Hockey

Spencer Hockey*

Code Kids*

Blueshift Coding

Arty Party* Full day! 

Lavender Leonardo**

Wild About Play Forest Camp

Upbeat Music

Wurkshop Arts & Crafts

Eden Camp 5-7yo Care

Little Voices


Full day! = At least 6 hours


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