Why Lifemin?

Raising kids is hard - emotionally, financially and logistically.

In more and more households, both parents work outside the home, whether by choice or necessity. As we progress in our careers, those jobs can get more demanding and greedier, just as the burden of parenting starts to intensify with the demands from schools and our kids' activities and social lives. It's no wonder that parents are more stressed than ever.


Even if both parents aren't working outside the home, there's a lot that technology can do to streamline all the logistics that go into running a busy household. That's what Lifemin is all about. 

240 hours.

That's how much time over the course of a year that the average family spends on household-related admin. According to Lifemin's research, the average family with multiple children spends 5-7 hours per week on admin, with some spending up to 15-20 hours per week. At the conservative end of the scale, 5 hours per week adds up to 240 hours per year.

One of the flashpoints that inspired Lifemin was the annual ritual of entering kids' school calendars into a personal calendar. With many families undoubtedly having to do the same thing, at scale this is massively inefficient. Similarly, there are certain tasks that all parents are likely to be doing at the same time: researching activities or birthday party options.  

Technology has made starting and running a business easier than ever; Lifemin strives to brings that efficiency and ease to households and families on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood basis. 

About Lifemin

I am a mother of 3 primary school age kids, and over the course of 9 years of being a working parent and 10 child-years of having kids in primary school I have been on the receiving end of countless emails and notices, both written and digital, about my kids' schooling and school community. I have spent many hours researching local activities and camps, dentists and gear, to name just a few things. There is an awful lot of noise and complexity around managing the lives of little people. I thought there must be a better way - and that is how Lifemin came to be.


I'm busy applying everything I've learned over the years of working in digital media, doing an MBA, being a mother and being a human to create a genuinely useful service. 


Lifemin is in beta mode. There is a vision for a full digital assistant product and service. We are taking things one step at a time to prove the concept so forgive any functionality limitations and please share any feedback or ideas you have.