How to Make Sports Day a Success for Parents
Sports Day was a great success for the children, less so for the parents. Lifemin shares tips for making Sports Day - and other school events parents are invited to - as parent-friendly as possible.

Patriotism and Family
Today is July 4, a holiday in the US celebrating its founding and independence. With everything going on, I’ve heard talk of Americans opting out of July 4 celebrations. I understand the sentiment, but I disagree with it. I am American; I was born and raised there and lived there till 2006, when I moved to London. I am also half Spanish. So I have plenty of distance and perspective to turn a critical eye to the country I called home for so long. And yet, I am proud to be American - as...

How Our Family Addressed Our Shouting Problem
Lots of parents struggle with shouting and yelling...that inevitably falls on deaf ears, traumatises their children, or both. Here's one way to tackle it.

Should You Volunteer for the PTA?
Volunteering for your PTA or PTO can be rewarding, but it is also a drain on your time and energy. The vast majority of people DON'T volunteer. You might consider them free-riders, selfish or lazy, but maybe they're actually just smarter.

How to Hire a Family Assistant
So you’ve decided to take the leap and hire a family assistant—congratulations! It’s a big step towards getting your to-do list back on track and reclaiming your peace of mind. You may feel like you’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel of chores, errands, and school activities. But there’s still an important hurdle to get over: the hiring process.

Should I Hire a Family Assistant?
Have you ever dreamed of having a personal assistant to help your family with household tasks? Enter the family assistant—a nanny and administrative assistant rolled into one. This person may be responsible for doing the grocery shopping, picking the kids up from school, running errands, and handling other chores around the house. There are indeed families who hire personal assistants, or family assistants, to help with the administrative and operational tasks of running a household. Read our...

What is Mental Load?
Have you ever felt the stress of all the little details that come with running a household? Think about the task of grocery shopping. It sounds simple to go to the store and pick up all of the items on the grocery list. But that doesn’t take into consideration the work of creating and managing the list, monitoring food and supplies and noticing when certain items run low, and finding time to complete the grocery trip. That’s a lot of extra work that often goes unaccounted for. We now have a...

Should I Enrol My Child in Extracurricular Activities?
Have you ever found yourself carting your kids around on a Saturday, arguing about whether they need to go to the football practice they are now professing to hate? I have. On the one hand, I want to do right by my kids and expose them to activities that will keep them engaged, healthy and happy. I’d be thrilled to find something they’re passionate about that isn’t YouTube or a video game.

The Top 5 Family Calendar and Organization Apps
The five best apps to help keep your family organized and on top of things

New Year's Message from the Founder
2021 was tough, but we managed as a Lifemin team (me plus our amazing freelancers) to do a few things worth highlighting: We doubled our customer base 🥳mostly through word of mouth plus adding an additional school! We introduced functionality to add another user to your subscription to also receive the calendars and reminders. (In other words, we 'added the dad (or nanny or grandparent)' so that the load to be easily and optimally shared!) We alpha tested our Lifemin for Gmail functionality,...

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