Should I Enrol My Child in Extracurricular Activities?
Have you ever found yourself carting your kids around on a Saturday, arguing about whether they need to go to the football practice they are now professing to hate? I have. On the one hand, I want to do right by my kids and expose them to activities that will keep them engaged, healthy and happy. I’d be thrilled to find something they’re passionate about that isn’t YouTube or a video game.

The Ultimate List of London Children's Activities, Club and Camps Providers
The most comprehensive list of children's activity providers in London. We update this list with new additions and any changes we find out from our continuous research. Sign up to Lifemin to get access to our full guide which has links, ages, locations and even costs for all these activities.

SW London Late Summer 2021 Camps
Looking for a summer camp in SW London for late August early September 2021? We've got everything you need to know!

London's Most Popular Birthday Party Venues for Kids
Birthday party planning can be a time sink - particularly in those early primary years where parties for the whole class are common. Lifemin wants to help make your birthday party planning as easy as possible with some research, pointers and tips.

Keep Em Busy: The 20 books every primary school child MUST have in their personal library according to year group
Books: the original screens. They don’t require a password and they’re pretty darn durable. And of course, we all know that reading is the biggest predictor of success later in life. That’s why Lifemin has compiled a list of 20 must have books a child must have in their personal library, according to year group.

Guide to Children's Extracurricular Activities, Clubs and Camps
Managing the dates and to-do’s from your kids’ school is big enough a task on its own, but we know that another big chunk of admin time goes towards extracurriculars and camps. Whether it’s for enrichment or childcare over school breaks, there are seemingly endless options for activities, classes and holiday camps.