Child Care

Kids' Phone Watches: Genius, Nightmare, or Both?
If you’re a parent of a tween you’re likely familiar with phone watches - a new-ish breed of devices that allow you to track your child and communicate with them by phone and message. We initially bought these at the start of the school year so that our year 5-ers would be able to go to and come home from school and around the neighbourhood unaccompanied. They really are magnificent little devices, and I immediately wished we’d started our older son on one, rather than a phone and all the...

Why Child Care Should be (Fully) Tax Deductible
Childcare costs are eye-watering...and based on a deeply flawed premise baked into the economic system: that individuals and businesses are somehow different and separate. It's patently clear that they're not: individuals run businesses. And families and households are the foundation of the whole economy.

SW/W London Christmas 2022 Camps
Looking for a Christmas camp in SW/W London in 2022? Here are the options!

How Our Family Addressed Our Shouting Problem
Lots of parents struggle with shouting and yelling...that inevitably falls on deaf ears, traumatises their children, or both. Here's one way to tackle it.

Lifemin's guide to finding an au pair - we've done the research so you don't have to.