A Rational, Progressive Parent's Secondary School Dilemma
My rational, progressive, social-justice-warrior instincts are in overdrive as I think about the next step for my Year 5 twins...and in conflict with the on the ground practicalities.

The Lifemin-Approved School Newsletter Template
Schools, help parents help you! If you follow this basic template, you'll make it so much easier for parents to engage and cooperate when you need them to! The ideal parent-friendly newsletter does the following, in this order: 1. Tells you what you need to do, by when 2. Important dates, ideally in the form of a digital calendar you can sync with your phone 3. Everything else A concise, effective summary of the need-to-know - what we need to do and where we need to be, when - followed by all...

How to Make Sports Day a Success for Parents
Sports Day was a great success for the children, less so for the parents. Lifemin shares tips for making Sports Day - and other school events parents are invited to - as parent-friendly as possible.