Lifemin, the Parent Calendar Assistant


Lifemin is a mental load solution, for parents, schools and PTAs who want to make life better and easier for parents. 


Lifemin brings professional precision and efficiency to the otherwise noisy and messy domain of the silent stream of admin that parents manage every single day. 


We have a tried and tested system of HUMANS plus TECHNOLOGY that reliably and effortlessly keeps parents and carers up to date, so parents never miss a thing, and schools and PTAs don't need to think about reminding parents.


Cut down the noise. Cut through the chaos.


Lifemin will read through all the communications and emails it has visibility of and scan for dates and to-do's. We batch process on Friday and Saturday, when the bulk of communications are sent by school, and your weekly to-do list is ready for you for Sunday morning with clear action items and deadlines. 


We've bottled parental judgment, for the right number of reminders, with the right level of advance notice, so parents do what they need to do, when they need to do it.