What to expect when you sign up

This step by step guide shows you how Lifemin instantly populates your calendar with your school's term dates, plus all dates and reminders included in the school's newsletter. Note: the service works best on iPhones or Macs with Apple's Mail and Calendar apps. 

Step 1: Sign Up

Complete the Sign Up form, choose your school and whether you'd like the Premium Calendar service. If you select the Premium service, select your classes to get class-specific updates. If you don't select the Premium service, you'll get the term dates. 


If your school isn't listed, select 'Other' and enter the name of the school. You will be notified as soon the school is added to our systems.


By default everyone also receives the Lifemin Reminders calendar, with helpful reminders for all parents.


You can also enter your child(ren)'s birthdates to get birthdate-related reminders like birthday party planning (those venues get booked up early!), passport renewals and vaccinations.


Step 2: Check your email

Once you submit the form, you will receive an email with the links to the school(s) and (class)es selected in the form.


If you are on an iPhone (or a Mac) and you use the native (Apple) calendar program, you will be prompted to subscribe to the calendar you click on, which means the calendar will be updated on an ongoing basis with new dates or any changes. You will need click on each calendar separately to subscribe to each one.


If you are on an Android or PC or don't use Apple's calendar program, you will need to manually add the calendar subscription to your calendar program; otherwise you will be prompted to download the calendar and it will NOT be updated on an ongoing basis. See the Calendars Guide for more information.

Step 3: Watch the updates roll in

Once you've successfully subscribed to the calendar, Lifemin will scan your school's website, newsletters and communications and keep your calendar up to date with new events, deadlines and reminders. You'll also receive email reminders to so you won't miss a thing.


You can email any additional school notices to calendars {at} lifeminco {dot} com and we will update the right calendars. 

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why am i not getting notifications (alerts) from my lifemin calendar?

Notifications and alerts from your calendar need to be configured on your phone or in your calendar program. On an iPhone, go to Settings>Calendar>Default Alert Times. In Google Calendar, you need to go to Settings, too. 

i click on the calendar link and IT'S ASKING ME IF I WANT TO DOWNLOAD AN .ICS FILE

Just say no! Lifemin is designed to be a calendar subscription, rather than a download. If you are prompted to download, something has gone wrong and you should click back/out. This can happen if you're using an Android mobile, and in certain other circumstances too. Instead of clicking on the link, you should copy it and use it to manually subscribe to the Lifemin calendar in your calendar program. See the Calendars Guide for more information.

What schools and LOCATIONS does Lifemin serve?

Lifemin has started by serving a small handful of schools in the SW London area. If you don't see your school and are interested in the Lifemin service, sign up and enter your school in the 'Other' field. Once we've added that school to our systems, you'll be notified.

I don't know what email address is associated with my calendar. How can I find out?

For iPhones, go into Settings and scroll down to Passwords and Accounts.  Under Accounts, you will see which ones are feeding into the Calendar app. Within the Calendar app, you can click on Calendars at the bottom of the screen to see the accounts as well.

Visit our Calendars Guide for more detailed guidance. 


i have another question i don't see listed here

Please get in touch!

I've signed up. where can i access the time savers?

The Time Savers can be accessed here. You will have received the password to access the page in your welcome email. If you need it again, contact us

If I SIGN UP, will Lifemin see what is in my calendar?

No. You add Lifemin's calendar to your own calendar, but Lifemin has no visibility of your calendar outside of the Lifemin calendar. 

Will my and my children's data be stored securely?

Yes, absolutely. Lifemin uses tools from established technology providers with the highest data security standards. For details about this and how we adhere to GDPR, please read our Privacy Policy (specifically section 9). 


If your school has a digital calendar, consider yourself lucky!


What you get with Lifemin is:

  • Class specific calendars
  • Intelligent reminders for school event where preparation is necessary - for costumes, for example.

why do i still see my old lifemin calendars in my calendar?

If your phone/device downloaded one of the old calendars rather than subscribing to it, it will remain even once Lifemin has deleted it. You will need to delete the events manually. 


If you subscribed, the calendar may still appear on your phone even after it's been deleted. You can manually delete calendar subscriptions in your iPhone in Settings>Passwords & Accounts. See 'What Account am I Using in My iPhone Calendar?' in the Calendars Guide for guidance. 


NB The old Lifemin calendars started with 'Lifemin'; the new ones start with the name of school.