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who can sign up for lifemin?



Signing up for Lifemin for free gives you access to our Lifemin Reminders calendar and regular reminders and tips about common parental to-do's. 


Parents at Honeywell School, Belleville School, Thomas's Clapham and Westminster Under School can sign up for Lifemin - Single School and pay to receive school-wide and class-specific calendar updates and reminders for that school.


Any parent, including those at the above schools, can sign up for Lifemin - Full Service to read and action all emails from their school, class, teacher, club (in or out of school), and camps.

how much does lifemin cost?

The cost for Lifemin - Single School is £4.99/month. Lifemin - Full Service, our most comprehensive service, is £9.99/month. If you refer the service to someone who then signs up, you get 2 months free.


The administration of all the schools we support for Lifemin - Single School have been made aware that their school is on Lifemin's systems, HOWEVER the school is not involved with Lifemin's operations. We do have relationships in place with some PTA's.


Lifemin is by parents for parents, so it simply takes the communications and information provided by the school and makes it a little easier for parents to manage, organise and action. Think of Lifemin as a personal assistant dedicated to reading all the emails and notifications you receive from your school.

how does lifemin get the school COMMUNICATIONS?

Lifemin gets access to school communications one of three ways:


1. Some schools publish their newsletters on their websites.


2. Parent customers forward communications including newsletters, emails and Whatsapp messages to, which automatically get read and calendared as necessary. This can be done manually, email by email, or by setting up auto-forwarding. (See Step 2 Lifemin - Full Service in How It Works Step by Step for guidance on auto-forwarding.)


3. Parent customers who use Gmail can give Lifemin permission to scan their inbox for school and class communications. 


We are working on adding the same permissions functionality for Hotmail/Outlook/Live and other email providers.


If your school has a digital calendar, consider yourself lucky!


What you get with Lifemin that you likely don't get currently:

  • Personally tailored, class specific calendar updates
  • Intelligent reminders for school events and tasks where preparation is necessary - for costumes, for example.

Will my and my children's data be stored securely?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Lifemin uses tools from established technology providers with the highest data security standards. For details about this and how we adhere to GDPR, please read our Privacy Policy (specifically section 9). 


Furthermore, we don't collect any of your children's personal or personally identifiable data, only the name of their school and class.

how can i cancel my subscription?

Please contact us to cancel your subscription, we'll do it right away. (This is not to make it difficult for you, it is our technical limitations!)


If you signed up before September 2022 and have an account with Paypal, you can cancel your subscription within Paypal. Go to your Profile>Payment Settings>Pre-approved Payments. Further details here

how do i delete a lifemin calendar?

On iPhones, you need to go into Settings>Calendar and look for Subscribed Calendars, or for older versions of the iPhone, Settings>Passwords & Accounts. Further details here. In Google Calendar also go to Settings; further details here.

If I SIGN UP, will Lifemin see what is in my calendar?

No. You add Lifemin's calendars to your own calendar, but Lifemin has no visibility of your calendar outside of the Lifemin calendars. 

why am i not getting notifications (alerts) from my lifemin calendar?

Notifications and alerts from your calendar need to be configured on your phone or in your calendar program. On an iPhone, go to Settings>Calendar>Default Alert Times. In Google Calendar, you need to go to Settings, too. 

i click on the calendar link and IT'S ASKING ME IF I WANT TO DOWNLOAD AN .ICS FILE

Just say no! Lifemin is designed to be a calendar subscription, rather than a download. If you are prompted to download, something has gone wrong and you should click back/out. This can happen if you're using an Android mobile, and in certain other circumstances too. Instead of clicking on the link, you should copy it and use it to manually subscribe to the Lifemin calendar in your calendar program. See the Calendars Guide for more information.

why do i still see old lifemin calendars in my calendar?

If your phone/device downloaded one of the old calendars rather than subscribing to it, it will remain even once Lifemin has deleted it. You will need to delete the events manually. 


If you subscribed, the calendar may still appear on your phone even after it's been deleted. You can manually delete calendar subscriptions in your iPhone in Settings>Passwords & Accounts. See 'What Account am I Using in My iPhone Calendar?' in the Calendars Guide for guidance. 


NB The old Lifemin calendars started with 'Lifemin'; the new ones start with the name of school. 

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