Lifemin, the Parent Calendar Assistant

For Busy Parents

THERe is a better way

We've all been there - the sinking feeling when you see or learn that you missed a dress-up day at school or forgot to send in the PE kit, or you're kicking yourself because you left the activity or travel booking too late, or you've had yet another quarrel with your partner about whose job it was to sign the kids up for camp. 


It's all part of the mental load that parents are constantly juggling. A disorienting whirlwind when the kids start school, and we're still pressing ahead with our careers, that eventually becomes second nature as the kids get older, and/or more come along. We become bona fide certified child admin experts, whether we ever wanted to or not. 


But just because we get used to it doesn't mean we have to live with it.


Lifemin - life admin - takes time, and energy. It's real honest-to-God work! But it's invisible, unpaid and all too often crowds out paid work and impacts our well-being and our relationships. Even if we're naturally organised and cope, doesn't mean it's how we should be spending our supposed 'free' time.




Lifemin is a mental load solution, for parents who see the massive inefficiency in the endless emails, reminders and Whatsapp chats. 


Lifemin brings the precision and efficiency that you need in order to spend less time on admin and more time with your children and on yourself. We have a tried and tested system of reliably and effortlessly keeping  parents and carers up to date, so you never miss a thing again. 


We've got your back