Lifemin Plans

Lifemin's plans are designed to help the plate-spinning family ease their admin burden in a flexible, cost-efficient way. Lifemin's Basic Calendar is free to register for. Lifemin's Digital Assistance plan gives you a personalised calendar that keeps you and your family on top of school and kid dates and to-do's, especially during those busy start- and end-of-term periods. Lifemin's Helping Hand plan builds on the Digital Assistance plan to give you on-demand personalised assistance with common parental tasks. Project Assistance is for one-off assistance with birthday party and family holiday research, planning and booking. Our points-based system allows you to get the help you need, when you need it - whether it's a small task like booking an appointment or a bigger project like planning a family holiday.

Basic Calendar

The Basic Calendar plan is free and enters your school's term dates directly into your personal calendar via a shared calendar - no more tedious entering yourself! 

Digital Assistance

Lifemin's basic Digital Assistance plan ensures your family's calendar is up to date with the important school and kid-related dates and reminders - so you'll never miss out on anything important. School newsletters and other sources will be scanned and you'll get helpful seasonal reminders, as well as access to all Lifemin research and guides. 

Helping Hand

The Helping Hand annual plan is designed for busy families who are squeezed for time and could use some help with that pile of to-do's. On top of the basic Digital Assistance plan, you get 30 points to be used at any point during the year on a list of common parental tasks. If at any time you run out of or need more points, you can top up with the Helping Hand Add-On. 


Project Assistance

Project Assistance is a plan designed for one-off heavier lifting with Birthday Party Planning and Family Holiday Planning Projects. (Helping Hand plan holders should buy point add-ons in order to take advantage of the reduced rate.)



The Points System

Lifemin's points system is transparent and flexible. A point costs £5; additional points are available to purchase to Helping Hand plan holders in 10 point increments for £3 per point. Points can be used on either basic tasks or projects. 


Basic tasks are 3 points and include:

  • Birthday party venue availability
  • Birthday party entertainer options
  • Dentist/doctor/optician/etc appointment availability
  • Shopping options (clothing or other items)
  • Theatre/cultural options
  • Children's activities options
  • Food/menu options
  • Booking (birthday party venue, entertainer, dentist/doctor/optician/tickets/activity)
  • Organising a playdate
  • Post childcare advert (per site)
  • Draft a childcare advertisement

Projects include:

  • End-to-end birthday party planning for 20 points
  • Family holiday planning for 50 points