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    Lifemin will SEARCH your inbox for these terms and scan those emails to action in your calendar for you.

    We read all your emails so you don't have to! We'll add dates and reminders to keep you on top of it all.

  • You may set up auto-forwarding manually to calendars@lifeminco.com if you'd rather not give Lifemin permission to search your Gmail (for any email provider not just Gmail).

    For guidance, see here:




    If you want to set this up with Lifemin, book a slot here.

  • Lifemin Parent Edition Beta scans newsletters and communications from *all* your schools and extracurricular providers, reads them carefully and adds calendar updates and reminders, for you and up to 2 additional parent/carers. Gmail users can give one-click permission to Lifemin to scan their inbox (recommended), or you set up auto-forwarding on emails you want read or diarised. Currently works for: Any Schools

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